IMT Matcher is a barcode-based identification, labelling and track and trace system designed for assisted reproductive technology (ART), automating processes to save you time and money.

Matcher is designed to:

  • identify individual animals
  • trace genetic lines
  • help prevent errors
  • manage storage
  • schedule workflows
  • automate processes

Track and trace

• Electronic witnessing of every procedure in a process
• Traceability of all product lots and consumables, including expiry dates
• Track and trace of specimens and batch numbers
• End to end provenance management and reproducibility
• Covers genetics labs and production facilities

Storage and distribution

• Labelling
• Identification
• Cryo Inventory management (-20oC/-80oC/-196oC)
• Hub and spoke cryostorage
• Global distribution

Barcode allocation and labelling

• Barcodes to code for Animal ID, Specimen ID and Parentage ID
• Barcode IDs can be printed or exported to any labelling system


• Process mapping and SOPs
• Workflow scheduling
• Research treatment grouping

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